Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Do Librarians do on Spring Break. . .

I rarely ever, ever have a day off to myself. I felt a little guilty sending Little Frog off to preschool this morning, but I had a lot to do. Laundry, dishes, scrub the floor.


I went shopping instead. Easter stuff. Mastermind got a ton of Easter candy a couple of weeks ago, but we all knows what happens when Easter candy is bought too early. So I had to go shopping, and I bought NO candy.

Log pillow that we all need.
Mastermind and I decided to get each other Easter baskets this year, for the first time ever. I was all excited until I remembered how hard he is to shop for. He just buys everything he wants, and most of it is complex and specific.

So I went to Patina, which is always dangerous, but I have never failed to find something "important" and "necessary" there like the log-shaped floppy pillows that I nearly bought four of (hey, we would all NEED one, right?). I resisted, for now.


Anyway, Easter basket stuff aside, I went to the library. While I was at the library I realized how funny it was that I, a librarian, was at the library on my day off. I found it so funny that I decided to go to another library.
Not only am I a librarian, I am also a dork, and not above laughing at my own jokes even if nobody else finds them funny. 
In my defense, I could NOT find a single David Bowie CD at Target, which Ox needs to have in his Easter Basket so I thought I'd run to my usual library to see if they had any. And then realized I had never been to the one that opened a half-mile away from my house and I probably should go there, too, just to visit.

and SCORE!! I actually got a MN Zoo museum pass!!!! I have never, ever, been lucky enough to get one, and that zoo is expensive!! We were going to go yesterday, but I just cannot spend $50 on a trip to the zoo.
It is okay, however, to spend $60 on four log pillows. . . right? Not that I bought them.
So I think I'll take the kids on Friday. To the Zoo. To see the baby animals and llamas and sloths.

Now I have an hour left of my all-by-myself day. Laundry. . . dishes. . . nah. I'll read me some Sookie Stackhouse in the sunshine. Which would be SO much more enjoyable if I had a log pillow on which to rest my head, but I'll cope.

I think a Cadbury Creme Egg would help.


  1. Lucky!!! I got a zoo pass the week BEFORE Spring break, so we ended up not using it. And I had never gotten one before that!

    Log pillows rock.

    You could Bowie from itunes??? (I guess you can download artwork, too) Or go to Cheapo in uptown - they have every.thing.

    Libraries rock, too, but I owe them like half my savings. ughhhh.

  2. I just got a zoo pass two weeks ago! Feels like winning the lottery. I bet it will be craaazy on Friday though. I should pawn my kids off this week and we can have a girl day!

  3. Hmmm, you're right. Friday will be VERY busy. . . we may change our minds.

    G- I ended up buying a Monkees CD instead, I think it's more his style (okay, mine too).