Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break has Sprung!

Okay I admit, I adore Spring Break. . . I hope schools never give it up. 

Ox and Grandpa P
I am terribly disappointed that Ox's Spring Break was two weeks ago, though. He had TONS of fun on his, but not with me, which hurts the MamaPride a little bit. I had to pass him off to every grandparent, and he got to spend the night at his cousins' house, too.
Little Frog not to be left-out
So I'm letting him stay home from school with me tomorrow (I had to get special permission from the principal, so that it was excused). I'm regretting it a bit, as it is the kick-off of Career Month in Kindergarten; they have a different parent coming the entire month to share their careers (I'm up on Thursday).
Mowing with Grandpa B

I am hoping to take the kids to the MN Zoo tomorrow. I'm not 100% sure I'm up for it, so I'll come up with a back-up plan. . . thanks to Pinterest it is much easier coming up with cool things to do.

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