Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Do Librarians do on Spring Break. . .

I rarely ever, ever have a day off to myself. I felt a little guilty sending Little Frog off to preschool this morning, but I had a lot to do. Laundry, dishes, scrub the floor.


I went shopping instead. Easter stuff. Mastermind got a ton of Easter candy a couple of weeks ago, but we all knows what happens when Easter candy is bought too early. So I had to go shopping, and I bought NO candy.

Log pillow that we all need.
Mastermind and I decided to get each other Easter baskets this year, for the first time ever. I was all excited until I remembered how hard he is to shop for. He just buys everything he wants, and most of it is complex and specific.

So I went to Patina, which is always dangerous, but I have never failed to find something "important" and "necessary" there like the log-shaped floppy pillows that I nearly bought four of (hey, we would all NEED one, right?). I resisted, for now.


Anyway, Easter basket stuff aside, I went to the library. While I was at the library I realized how funny it was that I, a librarian, was at the library on my day off. I found it so funny that I decided to go to another library.
Not only am I a librarian, I am also a dork, and not above laughing at my own jokes even if nobody else finds them funny. 
In my defense, I could NOT find a single David Bowie CD at Target, which Ox needs to have in his Easter Basket so I thought I'd run to my usual library to see if they had any. And then realized I had never been to the one that opened a half-mile away from my house and I probably should go there, too, just to visit.

and SCORE!! I actually got a MN Zoo museum pass!!!! I have never, ever, been lucky enough to get one, and that zoo is expensive!! We were going to go yesterday, but I just cannot spend $50 on a trip to the zoo.
It is okay, however, to spend $60 on four log pillows. . . right? Not that I bought them.
So I think I'll take the kids on Friday. To the Zoo. To see the baby animals and llamas and sloths.

Now I have an hour left of my all-by-myself day. Laundry. . . dishes. . . nah. I'll read me some Sookie Stackhouse in the sunshine. Which would be SO much more enjoyable if I had a log pillow on which to rest my head, but I'll cope.

I think a Cadbury Creme Egg would help.

Monday, April 2, 2012

SB d1

Nothing like the kids sleeping in to kick off Spring Break. If you have no idea how remarkable this is let me fill you in; Little Frog wakes up at 5:30 every. single. morning. Today she woke up at 7:08 - It was amazing.

Our Day in Pictures

First Up - Easter Package for the boy we sponsor
at Emmanuel Children's Home in Juarez. I think everyone
should sponsor a child - especially if you have children yourself.
Ox is especially excited because I found the first 4 books in 
The Magic Treehouse series in spanish. 

Second - my attempt to grate crayons was a failure.

So I used my food processor, ice chop feature.
I'm not sure it will ever be the same, but it was cool to watch.
We made sun-catcher eggs.

I found the BEST project (more crayons) on Pinterest - HERE
This turned out WAY cooler than I imagined. 
If only I could get a pose that truly
expressed my children. . .

We're going to take the cat to the vet now. She has to get fixed.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break has Sprung!

Okay I admit, I adore Spring Break. . . I hope schools never give it up. 

Ox and Grandpa P
I am terribly disappointed that Ox's Spring Break was two weeks ago, though. He had TONS of fun on his, but not with me, which hurts the MamaPride a little bit. I had to pass him off to every grandparent, and he got to spend the night at his cousins' house, too.
Little Frog not to be left-out
So I'm letting him stay home from school with me tomorrow (I had to get special permission from the principal, so that it was excused). I'm regretting it a bit, as it is the kick-off of Career Month in Kindergarten; they have a different parent coming the entire month to share their careers (I'm up on Thursday).
Mowing with Grandpa B

I am hoping to take the kids to the MN Zoo tomorrow. I'm not 100% sure I'm up for it, so I'll come up with a back-up plan. . . thanks to Pinterest it is much easier coming up with cool things to do.

Busy Weekend

Heron Egg Hunt + sneeze
Our weekend was SO busy I had very little time to take pictures. But I got a few. Yesterday we went on our first ever park-sponsored easter egg hunt, which we've always avoided like the plague (umm, crowds AND over-competitive parents? No thanks!!) but the one at North Mississippi Regional Park was unique; it was a Heron Egg Hunt. They used to host a heron rookery but it got damaged by last June's tornado. Luckily 4 baby herons were rescued and later released back in to the wild.

And lucky for us the park is still awesome, just minus a few trees.


Overly competitive parents aside (there were a few) the hunt was great. . . and I got to hold a baby chicken. I loved it and named it Otis and then had to give it back before it peed on my hand. I am still nursing a desire to get chickens but I'm going to wait until my sister-in-law gets them first and then learn all the chicken ins-and-outs from her.

Sunday Palm Day pose

Today was Palm Sunday. Or as the kids keep saying "Sunday Palm Day."

I adore Palm Sunday. I never gave it a thought until my kids were old enough to walk through the service holding palm branches and waving them. So I let them dress up today (okay. . . I confess, I got 3 different 'Easter' outfits for Little Frog, two for Ox, and just love a chance to let them dress up).

Little Frog refused to go to Sunday School (okay, until the last 5 minutes when she realized Big Church had no toys) but Ox and my nieces looked super-cute waving their palms.

We had our Palm Sunday BBQ after with my family. Which I got up at 3:30 for to put beans in the crock pot and never fell back asleep. I must be getting old.

At least the beans were good.

Hmm I swear it WAS a busy weekend. . . what did we do? Cooked and Cleaned, oh, right, also choir practice (anyone want to buy a raffle ticket?) and a Saturday afternoon benefit for Mastermind's brothers' niece who is going through treatment for leukemia. As horrific as it was having Little Frog in the NICU when she was born, I thank my lucky stars it was when she was too little to remember.