Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's For Lunch?

I am off my game. It took an hour to make kid lunches for tomorrow, start to finish. So instead of going WHEW I have decided to record it here, for posterity. Some day I can show my children
See, I loved you SO MUCH I spent an HOUR making your lunches every night.
Of course I will then edit this post and delete the fact that I am hoping to use it as Good Parent proo

edit: had to pause to go yell at Ox for singing at the top of his lungs when he's supposed to be sleeping. Just keeping it real.


. . . an hour later
The real reason it took me SO long to make lunches is that I couldn't find ANYTHING! No bread. No carrots. No lemon juice. No little mini tupperwares* Add that to the fact that my brain is still trying to wrap around the requirements I now have to deal with:

  • no nuts whatsoever at Little Frog's preschool (I sneak in hummus instead of mayo on sandwiches though. Apparently garbanzo beans constitute a nut in some realms)
  • no hummus for Ox (apparently the one serious allergy in his class is garbanzo beans)
  • an afternoon snack for kindergarten
  • my own neurotic compulsion that they both should have fruit, veggies, a little sugar, something crunchy, and as little plastic as possible at every meal (*have yet to purchase the LunchBot rounds to fulfill my anti-mini tupperware standard).

No bread? Hummus? Mayo? - Ham and cream cheese tortilla wraps.

No carrots? (dang it, this was my veggie/crunchy two-in one!) - just amp up the fruit & veg them at dinner

No lemon juice (crap, can't give 'em apples then, Ox has a loose tooth so I would have to cut them up, hence the lemon juice to keep them pretty) - canned peaches mixed with cut-up strawberries.

Plus Peek-a-Boo packs of mini-marshmallows and (peanuts for Ox, craisins for Little Frog)

and finally a LunchBot snack of Cheez-Its and craisins for Ox's kindergarten snack.

I'm done. Time to read (Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield - SO GOOD!) 


Saturday, September 3, 2011


How long does it take for the germs of a new school year to sink in? Less than 5 days apparently. Ox doesn't start school officially for another 3 days yet he has already had Foot-Hand-Mouth disease along with Little Frog and Mastermind himself (who, despite his illness, is currently painting our dining room).

I will forever love this First Day of Preschool picture.
Little Frog got better just in time for her first day of preschool at the Montessori attended by Ox for the past 2 years.

I had just enough time to enjoy the feeling of my first "real" Friday of the school year before the sniffles came on and am currently typing this in a Sudafed/generic Excedrin daze.

Although I have to admit I was feeling a bit dazed to begin with. It is such a surreal feeling to have both of my kids in school. It is truly like we've all entered a new phase of life. I didn't expect this feeling, or the pre-kindergarten dreams (my own, not Ox).

I'm not sentimental about the kids growing up, I'm very excited for both of them. It is going to be interesting to be on the parent side of a school rather than the teacher side. Ox's open house was overwhelming and good at the same time. Despite the teacher guilt I've decided to volunteer in Ox's school for his first day, for the peace of mind of both of us. I told my principal I'd take notes, though, I have a professional excitement to see how another school handles all the little details.

My sniffles are taking over, so this is it for now.