Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's For Lunch?

I am off my game. It took an hour to make kid lunches for tomorrow, start to finish. So instead of going WHEW I have decided to record it here, for posterity. Some day I can show my children
See, I loved you SO MUCH I spent an HOUR making your lunches every night.
Of course I will then edit this post and delete the fact that I am hoping to use it as Good Parent proo

edit: had to pause to go yell at Ox for singing at the top of his lungs when he's supposed to be sleeping. Just keeping it real.


. . . an hour later
The real reason it took me SO long to make lunches is that I couldn't find ANYTHING! No bread. No carrots. No lemon juice. No little mini tupperwares* Add that to the fact that my brain is still trying to wrap around the requirements I now have to deal with:

  • no nuts whatsoever at Little Frog's preschool (I sneak in hummus instead of mayo on sandwiches though. Apparently garbanzo beans constitute a nut in some realms)
  • no hummus for Ox (apparently the one serious allergy in his class is garbanzo beans)
  • an afternoon snack for kindergarten
  • my own neurotic compulsion that they both should have fruit, veggies, a little sugar, something crunchy, and as little plastic as possible at every meal (*have yet to purchase the LunchBot rounds to fulfill my anti-mini tupperware standard).

No bread? Hummus? Mayo? - Ham and cream cheese tortilla wraps.

No carrots? (dang it, this was my veggie/crunchy two-in one!) - just amp up the fruit & veg them at dinner

No lemon juice (crap, can't give 'em apples then, Ox has a loose tooth so I would have to cut them up, hence the lemon juice to keep them pretty) - canned peaches mixed with cut-up strawberries.

Plus Peek-a-Boo packs of mini-marshmallows and (peanuts for Ox, craisins for Little Frog)

and finally a LunchBot snack of Cheez-Its and craisins for Ox's kindergarten snack.

I'm done. Time to read (Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield - SO GOOD!) 



  1. I'm soooo glad I'm just a grandparent now. I wouldn't have the energy for all that.

  2. It takes me about that long to do lunches every morning, too. And I scramble like everyone else, too. F likes tomatoes, but no mushrooms, L likes her sammy cut into shapes, but does not like any thing red (strawberries, tomatoes). ackkkk!

    Hey - i realize this is a late comment, but .... um, get blogging, girl!