Sunday, April 1, 2012

Busy Weekend

Heron Egg Hunt + sneeze
Our weekend was SO busy I had very little time to take pictures. But I got a few. Yesterday we went on our first ever park-sponsored easter egg hunt, which we've always avoided like the plague (umm, crowds AND over-competitive parents? No thanks!!) but the one at North Mississippi Regional Park was unique; it was a Heron Egg Hunt. They used to host a heron rookery but it got damaged by last June's tornado. Luckily 4 baby herons were rescued and later released back in to the wild.

And lucky for us the park is still awesome, just minus a few trees.


Overly competitive parents aside (there were a few) the hunt was great. . . and I got to hold a baby chicken. I loved it and named it Otis and then had to give it back before it peed on my hand. I am still nursing a desire to get chickens but I'm going to wait until my sister-in-law gets them first and then learn all the chicken ins-and-outs from her.

Sunday Palm Day pose

Today was Palm Sunday. Or as the kids keep saying "Sunday Palm Day."

I adore Palm Sunday. I never gave it a thought until my kids were old enough to walk through the service holding palm branches and waving them. So I let them dress up today (okay. . . I confess, I got 3 different 'Easter' outfits for Little Frog, two for Ox, and just love a chance to let them dress up).

Little Frog refused to go to Sunday School (okay, until the last 5 minutes when she realized Big Church had no toys) but Ox and my nieces looked super-cute waving their palms.

We had our Palm Sunday BBQ after with my family. Which I got up at 3:30 for to put beans in the crock pot and never fell back asleep. I must be getting old.

At least the beans were good.

Hmm I swear it WAS a busy weekend. . . what did we do? Cooked and Cleaned, oh, right, also choir practice (anyone want to buy a raffle ticket?) and a Saturday afternoon benefit for Mastermind's brothers' niece who is going through treatment for leukemia. As horrific as it was having Little Frog in the NICU when she was born, I thank my lucky stars it was when she was too little to remember.

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