Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patty's Day

The jury is still out on how much Irish we are - there is a smattering of ancestors from the Emerald Isle on all sides - but I'm all for playing up holidays; if only because it breaks up what can be a monotonous search for "what should we do today?" and "what should we eat today?"

We didn't actually do anything too terribly Irish, I would have loved to go to the parade, or maybe an Irish festival, but we weren't that organized. . . plus Ox had choir practice.

It was a gorgeous day. The kind of day that sets your green thumb to itching so we decided to take a trip to Linder's. I love Linder's, if only to browse and smell and soak in the colors.

We let each kid pick out a cactus. Ox named his David Bowie (he has been very impressed with the movie Labyrinth - both of them are, actually).

Little Frog named her succulent "Debbie."

Ox is so funny, he loves his cactus.

I'm just glad it's a cactus and requires very little attention.

What was especially cool about this trip to Linder's was their new line of Fairy Houses. My kids each have a fairy house that they decorate and redecorate every so often, so they were pretty impressed, too.

I would have bought a couple, but they were crazy expensive. I took pictures instead.

English Cottage

Seaside Cottage, maybe?

Do you see the elf?
My favorite - I love the giant plant!

I'm glad my imagination isn't dried up yet - I can picture myself living in every one of these little houses. I entertained a brief thought of buying them all and creating a fairy mecca in our back yard. But then I looked at the prices. 

I think we'll stick to wood chips and seashells for our fairy decorations. 

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