Thursday, July 28, 2011

For the record: no Academy Awards here

Okay so every star takes the off role every once in a while, for whatever reason. Parents are no different. We're not always happy, organized, healthy, or clean. But. . . it happens. Time to move on and focus on the good things (and hopefully that is what the kids remember, too). Don't let MamaGuilt take over! It Will Suck You In!

The more I schedule for our day, the better. I actually think this is the problem this week: we're staying home so that I can get organized for camping (hah!) which I know usually backfires, but hey, it's almost Friday.

Things We Like To Do-

The Library:
Ox and Mr. Norm. Note: Ox picked out his own outfit.

I LOVE the activities that the library has planned for kids! Story time is good, but their Tuesday afternoon programs are better!

Plus the library has AC and clean bathrooms - making it an ideal stop whenever we're out.

Swimming Lessons:
Little Frog practicing her backstroke.

I LOVE swimming lessons! If only because it is a good activity to do in the morning. Last year was rough, when Little Frog wasn't old enough to participate. This year rocks so much that I'm spending another $140 for the kids to do another session.

Downside: The other parents get chatty, one even asked for my phone number. Nuh-UH!

Red and Blue make Purple Sidewalk Chalk!

I am not one for doing crafts and projects and activities. I think it's important for my kids to learn to play without being overly managed* but making things is fun for all of us. Sidewalk Chalk was a fantastic activity, unlike making superball chunks last week.

Plus, that green food coloring actually washed out of Little Frog's shirt, so all is good.

*This statement is not backed up by any real proof that it works - but sometimes results in my kids playing together nicely. Or in Little Frog earning a new nickname: Naughty Bird.



  1. I just read some Rants From Mommyland. Hilarious! Almost as good as your blog.

  2. Rants from Mommyland is one of my favorite blogs - I rarely laugh out loud but if I do, it's usually because of one of their posts.