Thursday, July 21, 2011

Date Night

The Mastermind and I are frequent Yelpers - in fact I was invited to be a Yelp Elite member about a year ago, which means I get to attend super cool events at local restaurants (we're headed to the Yelp's Far East at Little Szechuan in St. Louis Park -mmm free Chinese food)!

Truffled Tater Tots!
The Mastermind and I headed to The Bulldog N.E. this evening because he has a thing for nachos, and according to Yelp they have the best in the area. . . I was all about the truffled tater tots.

How can you go wrong?

You can't.

they were

Because the service was SO good, we were out of there with an hour to spare on the meter so we took a walk and ended up at Pacifier. This is a very dangerous store to go in to, if you're a mom of little ones, if you are a mom of old ones, if you were ever a baby, if you have decided that two is enough because this might be the store that breaks you. It has ALL the coolest, best, cutest baby things that you never needed but of course need now.

Like Tea Collection. I received a Tea Collection catalog awhile ago, and after a crazy afternoon when I actually thought buying $60 dresses for Little Frog was a good idea, I decided I needed to just throw the catalog away whenever it appeared. I've been tossing it faithfully ever since, but not without a longing for the cutest baby and kids clothes around.

Pacifier has them. On sale. But Mamastar walked away (and then found more to buy-I blame The Mastermind, he was all "don't we need a birthday present for. . .").

And  was thinking about it, though, because if anything makes you want another baby it's all those fantastic baby things (and baby clothes made out of bamboo - swoon!) - but it was a fleeting fancy.

Because a true star knows what scripts to send back unopened, and even if she has a stares-in-to-the-sky-thinking-whatifs moment about what fun it would be to be cast in an independent version of Blade III: The Mommy Years, she knows that would be a very bad idea.

Very Bad.

You know why? In case of zombie apocalypse, three kids would be really hard to grab and run with only two grown-ups.  You know it's true.

And now to finish this date night with some episodes of Lost. Because it is also true that watching the pregnant woman being all pregnant-y on a beach is way more exciting than going through it yourself.




  1. Three kids is where it's at. And really, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, between you and the Mastermind, you have four hands, so really you could go doubles. Just sayin'. I had tots at Psycho Suzie's last weekend. You can never go wrong with tots.

  2. I'm noticing a tot trend. I think that MN restaurants are finally realizing that people like 'em and they're cheap, so why not? Although you never see "hand-cut tater tots" on a menu, you know they just have a huge bag of Ore Ida in the back.