Monday, July 18, 2011

An Afternoon in Pictures

When your kids wake up at 6am your afternoon starts at 10:30. 

Documented proof that they sometimes play nicely


The making of superballs, using Sunday School leper sticks (or were they shepherds?) as stirrers.

Braving the HEAT for the SAV Farmer's Market

 The St. Anthony Village Farmer's Market was sorely diminished today - most likely due to the heat index nearing 112 degrees, but we went anyway. The sellers that braved the heat got our money, and we got zucchini and hot sauce, so all is well.

Little Frog losing it while I'm making dinner - Note Ox laughing in the background.

Finally dinnertime: BBQ pork sandwiches & parmesan roasted zucchini.

All in all a good afternoon.The more we cram-pack our days the happier everyone seems to be (I can't think of a day that hasn't contained at least one melt-down from one of us-on good days they happen at home).



  1. Just in case you were wondering, in the storytime picture Ox is indeed wearing his bicycle helmet. He also wears his winter boots in dead Summer and calls them cowboy boots.

  2. I want to know more about the superballs!

  3. LOL! Anissa, those balls were not a success (well, okay, they were really fun to make, but we didn't mush them for long enough so they were more like super blobs). Here's the link:

    (it has really fantastic ideas of things to do w/ kids)

  4. The wooden stick lepers/shepherds. Too. Hilarious.

  5. Julie, the funniest part is that for a month after Eli kept getting confused between Lepers and Shepherds. Apparently Lepers watched over sheep. And then on St. Patrick's Day he told me he saw a Shepherd-chaun.