Friday, April 12, 2013

The New Girls

Six weeks ago we got chickens. These gorgeous baby girls have been a life-long dream of mine; for some reason I have loved chickens since the beginning of time. I didn't have the courage to actually go ahead and get them until my friend over at Underground Chickens got her girls, didn't accidentally kill any of them, and has over 200 eggs to date. Plus, we share a father (in-law, in my case) so we had an automatic "in" for our gorgeous coop.

Stats: We got 4 because we couldn't decide on names so everyone was assigned a chicken to name and "take care of," mainly consisting of being it's #1 cuddle partner so that they become very tame. Amazingly enough there was no squabbling about what person would get which chicken, we all got our first choice chicken.

Ox chose the Rhode Island Red and named her Amelia Pond after Amelia Pond (duh) in Doctor Who, a redhead. She might be his first celebrity crush.

Little Frog chose the Buff Orpington and originally named her Princess Sparkle Rainbow Heart Star but then we started reading the Little House picture books and she decided on Jack.

Mastermind got the Barred Rock, which he named Nugget. Nugget came a week later than our other girls so she's a bit smaller.

I got the Ameraucana and after MUCH deliberation, named her Sharona. Yes, My Sharona.

I've taken as many pictures of our girls as I did when our babies were first born; chickens are incredibly photogenic. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sharona, Amy, & Jack: 1 day old

Nugget at 1 day old

LadyB checking out the Peep Show

Sharona hanging out in the Doll House

Sharona & Jack, about 2 weeks old

Amy at 5 weeks, first time outside.

Makeshift Chicken Run

Jack getting some cuddle time

As you can see, the chickens grow very quickly. We are all anxious to get them outside into their coop. The brooder we made is just not enough for them, they want to run around. We got them outside in their coop on the one gorgeous day we had, but they're not big enough to handle the cold snap we've had this week. Hopefully I'll be able to post a Cooptastic blog sometime in the near future!


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