Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mittens in April

Little Frog lost her mittens. I was holding out hope that:

1) We would find them. They were my first knitted mittens and I had a sentimental feeling about them.



But alas, the mittens are still lost and more snow is in the forecast, and it was a quiet Friday night so. . .

Awkward mitten thumb knitting

 These HUGE size 7 needles felt so awkward in my fingers after making a few pairs of socks with itty bitty size 2s. Fortunately my Mad Knitting Skillz enabled me to whip up a mitten in a few hours (nerd that I am, I studied how the knitter at Very Pink knitted and worked so that I could copy her method of holding the yarn, because it seemed so much quicker than what I had been previously been able to do). I felt a little bit like Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel - faster and faster, I could knit one mitten faster in one evening than 100 men could knit in a week.

Or something like that. Actually nothing like that, but whatever.

Mitten wearing on a Saturday Morning

The super-soft variegated yarn was nice to knit with, too. I'm planning on whipping out the other one today, because of all the FREAKING SNOW in the forecast. In April. Blech.

A trip to Crafty Planet is in today's agenda, though, (along with making 100 pasties for meal swap) because I am really excited to make a Mama Vertebrae sweater for myself. Finally I decided what I wanted to make for myself. I like to wear sweaters in the summer, so this frontless cardi struck me as a perfect project, especially since it's construction is not much more complicated than Little Frog's Shrug:
This shrug gets a LOT of use!

I'm very excited to get it cast on, I'm thinking in a nice deep red, DK weight or Light Worsted (depends on what inspires me when I'm at Crafty Planet).

But first, time to finish that 2nd mitten, because Baby it's COLD outside.

Oh, here's a pic of Little Frog's finished socks. I LOVE them, that yarn was so dreamy to work with, but I doubt I could have gotten grown-up socks out of one skein - there was very little left over. Still, I might need to revisit the yarn for a pair for myself sometime in the future.

Dreamy socks

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