Saturday, April 20, 2013

Into The Coop

Time to wash those chickens out of my house! As much as we adore our chickens, we decided it was time to kick 'em to the coop despite the freaking SNOW IN APRIL!!

Don't worry, I did much reading to make sure we weren't being cruel, and there's a heat lamp in the coop for those night-time low temps (which are dipping to the low 30s right now in Minnesnowta).

Coop and Snow
For the sake of clarity, the red part is the coop and the fenced in part is the run.
The chickens sleep in the coop, and hang out in the run. The egg boxes are off to the right of the coop and are
currently closed off. We will make them chicken accessible at about 20 weeks (in mid July)

Chickens in their coop, nice and warm. (Sharona, Amy, Nugget on the perch)
We will keep their heat lamp on until it's good and warm at night(it's hanging from the ceiling of the coop)

Peeking in the coop

Jack and Nugget peeking out of the coop.

Jack's Chicken Butt!!

Chicken Love!

Mastermind making some coop door modifications.
He's decided it would be great to pull a string (outside the coop) and have it raise up on rollers rather than having
to enter the run to open and close the coop door. We will have to open the door in the morning to let them
into their run, and close it at night after they go up to roost.

Despite the snow, it is warm and sunny (and sloppy) outside. Not Croc weather, but
Little Frog runs a little warmer than the rest of us. 

And now I'm going to go do another run on the basement carpet with my mom's Rainbow - we borrowed it for the weekend to decontaminate the chicken brooder area. I'd take a picture of the gunk I've sucked up out of the carpet, but you'd probably throw up. So I won't.

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