Friday, January 3, 2014

~Super Kawaii~

Well I did it!! Not only did I spend more than three minutes in the fabric section of JoAnns and NOT get nauseated (for real, it's a scary place) BUT I did something with the fabric I bought! So proud of myself.

Or, as my husband said "Wow! I'm surprised you had the patience to do it."

For real, he said that. After pretending to be indignant, I had to agree.

Okay, I did get a teeny bit overwhelmed and irritated in JoAnns, but it was mainly because there were MILES of fleece, and the flannel that was available for boys was, of course, stereotypical superheroes with a little SpongeBob and Simpsons thrown in; so original, flannel makers, so creative. Lucky for me I found an awesome section of Sanrio flannel (in the girls section, of course) and nabbed him some Chococat on a grey background, and some super cute Keroppi for my girl.

Also the flannel was kind of crappy. I had to look really closely at it to detect any flannely goodness. The red piece of flannel in the picture above I got at Crafty Planet, where apparently they know where to get the good stuff, because it's just gorgeous. JoAnns flannel, not so much.

Then came home and stared for a bit, putting off the actual making of the pants by prewashing the fabric like a good sewing-school girl, then plowed ahead.

But first watched THIS tutorial a few times, for moral support (and because the lady reminds me of Kenneth from 30 Rock, who, by the way, I think JoAnns should hire to do all their future sewing tutorials. Kenneth would rock the tutorials). Also because the pattern directions I bought assumed I already knew lots of stuff, so it left out lots of important details, and added lots of unimportant details.

After I cut out the pattern I faced reality that I had to thread the machine. So horrifying and scary especially since I couldn't be bothered to find the actual manual that came with it. . . lucky for me it was online.  This part was what put me off sewing the last time I sewed. All that crazy obstacle course threading and threatening language.

I did okay, though, so I rewarded myself with some monster cookies and milk:

Then practiced my stitches like a good sewing school girl - and look at those zig-zags!! Gorgeous!! I wasn't about to spend $44 on the only pair of pinking shears in the store, and apparently if you don't shell out for the pinking shears you have to zig zag otherwise all your hard work will unravel. So there you go:

Just for future reference, using red thread might seem nice and complementary to black and gray Chococat fabric, but instead it will highlight how very inexperienced and wobbly your lines are. Fine.

Also, I now understand why those who sew tend to covet their own work rooms. Sewing crap takes up a lot of room. Hmm.

Oh, and for the finished product? Well. . . I got too excited to wait for the boy to get home to have them try on the pants, so I hemmed them too short and can't find my seam ripper. Honest mistake, the kid has the waist line of a 4 year old but the height of a 10 year old. I got the waist right, but was a little off on the length.

He declared them perfect and didn't want me to touch them with a seam ripper, so instead of the finished pants, here's a picture of him in his new hat:

That 3-hour hat is super basic, but apparently all the hats and mittens I knit last year have disappeared (and, um, have huge holes in them due to my inexperience at the time) it's about to get Arctic Vortex freezing here in Minnesota, so much so that my favorite governor ever Mark Dayton cancelled school across the state for Monday.

Plenty of time to make more pants, because despite the rambling and lack of good pictures, I really enjoyed myself. Plus I was SO TIRED by the time I was done that I consider sewing an aerobic workout (seriously, I was post-treadmill flushed and had to keep reminding myself to breathe).

Oh and that gorgeous piece of red flannel? I have a skirt in mind for that. . . for myself! Yay me!

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