Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

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Pasta on Sunday

Pasta Today


  1. I applaud you. A few years back I decided to write some cursive and was stumped on some of the letters. A few months back my son (7) saw some cursive on something and asked about it. He got really excited so I wrote his name in cursive and he started teaching himself...maybe the rebellious youths will end up bringing it back ;)

    PS my grandma's always wrote in cursive and I always had to read it aloud as I can't just read cursive (even a bit to this day), not sure if it's a dyslexia thing or what...

  2. I have to admit part of why I did it is I was worried that the kids' school was one of the ones that no longer teaches cursive - turns out they do, in 3rd grade. I would have taught them myself otherwise. My 7yo wants to learn, and can do his first name, but it is tricky. In college our professor would have us sit exactly correctly, holding our pencil correctly, and practice for an hour at least "because it might be the difference between getting a job [as an elementary teacher] or not!" It's really a dying art, which is sad.