Sunday, November 3, 2013


I've had several people ask me if I am going to continue blogging. . . that they actually enjoyed reading what I wrote (!!!)

I have to admit that the format of blogger makes me cranky, and that was one of the main reasons I stopped. It was irritating that pictures kept moving around on me every time I saved. And who has time for that?

But I've been changed, too. The original purpose of this blog is no longer relevant. My desire to erase my mamaguilt, just a little, peaked into a full-blown panic attack about 2 months ago (mom, please, I'm fine) and my doctor telling me "well sweetie, you've always been a bit high strung." I realized I needed to change again.

So I'm back, my purpose is to simplify. Or more specifically, to really only get worked up about what really matters. I quit lots of things, started saying No, and began baking again. I'm inspired by one of my favorite blogs of all times, SouleMama, and her busy-yet-simple life in Maine. There is now a very huge part of me that would give it all up for a farm in the sticks (I blame the chickens in part for this, they say chickens are like a gateway drug and I would have to agree. I kind of want to get some emus or alpacas. New Brighton might draw the line at that).

So you'll see a change. Less pictures (or all of 'em slumped up to the top, who cares about formatting anyway?), more about baking and knitting. And of course Ox and Little Frog, because they're so darn amazing. The nicknames still fit after all these years, too, although Ox is contemplating changing his name to Rory. He just watched the Doctor Who where Rory and Amy bid adieu, and it made quite an impact on his developing psyche. I doubt I'll post every day like SouleMama, or even once a week, but a little baring-of-the-soul is good for you.

Plus I have to admit looking back on the posts I've posted so far is extremely entertaining.

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