Sunday, February 5, 2012

holiday hearts

This was a 4-chamomile-tea kind of night - the weekend was THAT busy (well, and like a fool I pigged out on veggies so my system was a little whacked)I have to buy more chamomile, because the whole month of February is busy. Very busy.

Okay, it doesn't look that bad in the picture, but remember! It's February!  at least 7 of those squares belong to other months, plus you must recall that if there is more than one thing happening on any given day, it counts for way more craziness.

Which brings me to last Friday. Along with receiving home Ox's first ever set of grades we received a note that all Valentines must be finished and brought to school by the 8th. Umm, that's a full week earlier than I had planned for, and with stuff planned on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I was a bit alarmed.

Little Frog is quite engaged in the process.
But we did it. 70 cards.

Ox had a boys choir fun day on Saturday so Little Frog and I worked on phase 1 of the Valentines.

Pinterest spoiled me for store-bought invites, so I picked up a box of 60 pastel cards & envelopes at Target for $12. So with a little (okay, a LOT) of folding, cutting, and gluing we had our cards.

Little Frog helped by rolling around, occasionally making executive decisions such as "use more pink,"and gluing the hearts to the cards with fairly precise pounding.

I have a bunch of stamps left over from a high-school addiction to buying stamps with which I did nothing, so we put them to good use. Ox wanted to stamp out "I Love You More Than Sea Monkeys" but I reduced him to just "PIE."

Because Pie is good. 

Little Frog just had fun, but was more excited to write her name on a few until she got bored. I had to remind her a few times that there is no "H" in her name. She likes H.

70 cards later. . .
I wish I could get my camera to work, I'd show you how much cuter they were after Ox wrote out his classmates' names on them. . .

And after the envelope decoration frenzy - who knew a box of a zillion sparkly heart stickers could be that entertaining.

(okay, that part was way fun)

I'm pretty surprised that we got them all done. Not that we had a choice, really.

Oh, and we also crammed in some eating, sleeping, a birthday party for my grandma, a superbowl party, and an estate sale run.

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