Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mod Podge

I love Mod Podge from the bottom of my heart - always have. I'm crafty, but not super crafty, and have always been intrigued by collages (enter Mod Podge).

Little Frog has a major thing for shoes: she actually smuggled a pair out of Target when she was one. I still don't know how.

Little Frog's feet haven't grown in nearly a year which means we have a lot of worn-out shoes. I don't really want to buy new ones, because no doubt she'll immediately outgrow them.

Thanks to a Pinterest pin, and already-on-hand supplies I transformed Little Frog's beloved sparkle shoes, well-scuffed, into something a bit more jazzy. It took maybe 5 minutes, and Ox was incredibly impressed (the girl was already abed).

Mod Podge dries so fast, and is super sticky. I know these glittery additions will last (especially after coating them once again with Mod Podge - it dries clear)

I'll probably redo the entire shoe, rather than just the tips and a few stripes, but I'm out of Mod Podge.

(clearly my next project: work on lighting in photographs, although I'm keeping my eye out for a pair of junky ballet flats that I can Mod Podge for myself - I'm thinking little squares of tissue paper would look pretty awesome)


  1. Love it! I have never owned Mod Podge, but I think I might need to get some!

  2. It is the most satisfying craft-form I've found I go a little crazy when I use it, it's SO easy.