Monday, January 23, 2012

On the Surface (part 1)

I would like to dedicate this post to some surfaces that make up my life. They are by no means a comprehensive list of surfaces, nor do they represent any particular order (such as My Favorite Surfaces, or The Surfaces I Just Cleaned, although one of those might be true). Stars, as we all know, are very concerned about how things appear on the surface.

nom nom nom (if you're six)
 This first surface represents the ritual of Making Lunches. As my blog followers no doubt recall I dedicated an earlier post to making lunch, and it took me nearly an hour to complete. I have definitely, absolutely whittled that time down. Call it the difference between September and January, but I call it I Would Rather Read A Book.

a) little plastic containers. I hate these, but Zulily just put Lunchbots duos on sale again, and mine haven't arrived yet. Once they do, my quest for no plastic will be complete.
b) Pampered Chef crinkle cut thingie. I use this quite often to cut sandwiches, cut carrot sticks (I can't cut carrots with a knife for anything, they always turn out wonky), and my trademark wasabi deviled eggs. It makes things pretty but more importantly, it makes things easier.
c) kids' lunchbags. Don't look too close, Little Frog's Skip Hop Zoo frog is pretty nasty, since it is bare canvas and not so easy to clean. I'm going to get her a SugarBooger bag (example: Ox's monster lunchbag) because it is awesome, durable, and easy to clean.
d) Lunch tomorrow consists of: pbj for Ox, ccj* for Little Frog on white wheat bread, blueberries, carrot sticks in tinfoil, little yogurt smoothies, bunny grahams/marshmallows in their snack bags. Wax paper helps keep the sandwiches fresh for tomorrow, and keeps the sandwich bags clean for an entire week so I don't have to wash them every day.

my real happy place- my fake one is someplace else

This second surface might just be my favorite surface in the house: my nightstand.

it does not always look this clean!

. . . but I love it when it is. Clockwise from picture: pic of Mastermind and me pre-dating, he is very crabby in it which is funny. Pottery dish my sister made in college, she made a bunch of great pieces. Lamp (and nightstand itself) were a gift from my mother-in-law when Mastermind and I moved in to our house. 2 books; 11/22/63 by Stephen King, and A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin (I love nice, fat books. Especially really good, nice, fat books). Below, NIV Bible on top of a word search book. Box of Things. Sony eReader in black [below the] Nook eReader in green.

I clean my nightstand off about once a month, and it slowly gets covered with books that I drag out of hiding as I finish one and need a next. Once it gets a little silly (or if people are coming over) I'll grab a grocery bag and drag them all back down to where they go. Mastermind had a Master Plan of getting rid of the thousands of books in the house by getting me an eReader, first the Sony when eReaders first came out, then the Nook Color when it came out because it's way cool. But I like big, FAT books.

Chamomile in Beryllium Mug**
I do have to say though, that my favorite reading place, the bathtub, is impossible with books as fat as 11/22/63. Bummer. I have to settle for my bed and my tea. 

Chamomile. Because it reduces gas.

(Too much information? hey, I'm transparent like that. Gotta work on that "Surfacey" star thing a bit more)

Speaking of gas, stars, and surfaces, let's take a fun quiz: How Long Could You Survive On The Surface Of The Sun


*ccj = cream cheese and jelly because Little Frog's preschool has banned all nuts.
**Beryllium Mug is Mastermind's 4th Anniversary of being a member of the American Chemical Society. These mugs are the BEST! We get one each year, I love them. The handle is never too hot to hold, and each one features a different element. By the time the kids are in high school chemistry we'll be able to make part of the periodic table out of our mugs. Super NerdyCool. 



  1. Question: why use a sandwich bag if you are using wax paper? Why not just use the wax paper?

    I like your super nerdy mugs. And Lord knows, we could all use a little less gas in our lives.

  2. You mean the cloth sandwich bags? Mainly because the double-wrap seems to keep sandwiches more fresh (I have to make everything the night before) and also when I've just used wax paper I have not found a very efficient way to keep them from unfolding. Tried string (kids get stressed out by it) tape (likewise - and not pretty). Ultimately I like the way it looks, and the kids like their lunches better if they look nice.

    Sometimes I wrap everything in half a dozen tin foil wrappings just because its funny.