Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Big Ox

Oh did I ever over commit this year! With about 300 pictures on my phone and 30 or so blog posts drafted that I never quite had time to finish I realized finally over winter break that I was losing myself to the business of the year. 

Not good. Not that I can quit anything now, but I'm reevaluating what needs to be reevaluated.

So I'm committing to blogging again. Not because I think I'm all that awesome, but because I have to celebrate the little things.

But this renaissance blog is about one big thing. My boy just turned 7 and he looks older already. I am astounded at how much both of my children have grown up since my last post in August, but there is something about Ox turning 7 that brought me to a screeching halt and made me realize how truly, unrewindably fast time is going.

This year we talked him out of a friend party to simplify things, which of course it didn't. We had a family Doctor Who party and then went to the Mall of America which was not quite successful mainly because apparently Ox has developed a fear of heights, which did not stop him from going on a very twirly and high ride. He totally freaked out (because of course since he's so huge, he was not allowed a chaperone to ride with him) and it took about an hour of nice calm rides to take the edge off. Little Frog and I headed to the American Girl store while all that drama was going on so I missed it.

Seven Years Ago

He's so OLD!

He wanted a Doctor Who birthday party

Delicious TARDIS cake that Mastermind decorated

Little Frog at the American Girl store at the MOA, she's hiding because
 Saige's very hard hair nearly removed an eye just before this pic was taken.

Enjoying one of his birthday books. Mr. Smartypants
just scored 100 words-per-minute on his reading benchmark.

So much more I could say about my boy, he's incredibly compassionate, tender, crazy, funny, sharp, and quirky. I absolutely would not change a single thing about this kid, and I cannot wait to find out what his future holds. . . in the mean time I'm going to hold him close because he for sure won't fit on my lap much longer. Unless I get a bigger lap.


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  1. This is very sweet, Carly. I'm glad you're blogging again.